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The Missing Me in Communication


The Missing Me in Communication

In my last article about leadership I spoke about the SEAM of Leadership focused on Self Awareness.

what is hitting me lately is the missing elements in Communication happening at all levels , specially at the Corporate levels,

Think of how often you communicate with people during your day.

You write emails, facilitate meetings, participate in conference calls, create reports, run presentations, debate with your colleagues… the list goes on.

According to the 7 Cs, Communication needs to be:

1.   Clear.

2.   Concise.

3.   Concrete.

4.   Correct.

5.   Coherent.

6.   Complete.

7.   Courteous.

and in the above C's that are very important, it seems that we missed the ME,

ME has nothing to do with ME as a person in fact ie non ego centric rather

what do I mean?

Maturity in Communication

Ethics in Communication


Maturity is not age related rather maturity in communication is to use active listening and keeping the lines of communication open for giving and receiving, being able to state facts as they are in front of the people involved not behind their backs, being able to understand the real message and being fully transparent & present, being bold to say the least,

As for Ethics; it is all about tolerating others , being ethical in the approach, and focus on the values of the communication and the parties involved, being respectful of disagreements and understanding that people have their own filters and make sure to get the message through in the best possible way.

the "ME" in communication is interrelated because it is all about active listening, being present, non judgmental and tolerant and I believe is under rated,

We are in constant communication with everyone around, so let's build better relationships and credibility

next time you communicate make sure you use the ME and notice how things will Swiftly Shift,

How does it relate to you or not?

Feedback and comments appreciated,

See you on the side of Success...

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